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In the Name of God

As part of the world of Islam and the first qiblah of Muslims, Palestine is witnessing hardship these days. 

Muslims and all liberators throughout the world are hearing their call for help more than in any other time. Palestinians have pinned their eyes on public institutions particularly   in the Islamic  world for they have lost  hope from the states and powers and seek assistance from such organizations in order  to counter Israel.

In order to respond to the call of Palestinians urging for help a large number of Palestine defending non-governmental organizations have gathered together to establish an independent institution aimed at organizing public supports.

The international Union of NGOS Dfanding the Rights of palestine is a public institution comprised of active representatives and recognized NGOs from over twenty different countries.

The union officially declared its existence in the year 2001.

In the second chapter of the union’s statute the following objectives and strategies have been stipulated:

1-Support and defend the rights of the Palestinians and to contribute to this end.

2-To reduce the pains and sufferings endured by the Palestinians through mobilizing NGOs.

3- Empower active civil institutions for the purpose of supporting Palestine.

4- Organize and dispatch humanitarian aid to the occupied lands.

In order to counter the economic hegemony of Israel, the Union has launched different activities including implementing a plan for “…Boycotting companies which support the Zionist regime”.

Now that Israel has failed to expand its territories due to the courageous struggles of the Hezbollah Movement forces against its expansionism and aggressions it has deployed another conspiracy backed by the U.S. to further its control over the region. The Zionists have attempted to accomplish the project of occupation by dominating regional markets.

In view of the constant efforts made by international Zionism to control the region and to dominate the Middle East, the Union as part of its primary duties has proposed an active participation in the Boycott campaign to all the free people by the world.

The plan is based on the strategy of public resistance, which calls every one to defend the humane and Islamic values by participating in the Holy War (Jihad) against the Zionist Regimes’ domineering policies.