Sabrin al-Najjar meets Dr. Zahra Mostafawi

According to Qods News Agency (Qodsna) Sabrin al-Najar, mother of the Palestinian nurse martyr Razan al-Najjar, who was recently martyred by Zionist Regime military gunshot, while she was nursing the demonstrators who participated in the Great March of Return, participated in the Islamic Unity Conference in Tehran and today she met Dr. Zahra Mostafavi the secretary-general of the Society for the Defense of Palestinian Nation.


At the beginning of the meeting, secretary-general of the Society for the Defense of Palestinian Nation welcomed the mother of Shahid Razan and said: "First of all, I would like to welcome you to Iran as well as the headquarters of the Society for the Defense of Palestinian Nation, please accept my condolences of martyrdom of your daughter, Ms. Razan, please feel at home in Iran.


“I have seen many victories over my life, the last of which was the victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran,” she said. The people of Iran, with unity and support to a great leader, were able to win a victory against Shah’s brutal regime. Unity and leadership in Iran are two major reasons that the United States and Israel not only failed to do anything against our nation, but they also suffered a lot of failures.”


Mostafavi said: “What can lead Palestinian brothers and sisters into a victory against the Israeli regime is unity; you must also have a single leader in order to free Palestine.”


She added: “since Imam Khomeini (PBUH) was exiled from Iran, it took 13 years until the victory of the Islamic Revolution when Imam Khomeini returned to the country; during all these years he constantly did his best to inform people about the inside and outside the country. By the time Imam Khomeini realized that people had come to understand the conditions of their lives, he returned to Iran and the nation's revolution also became victorious.


Addressing to Shahid Razan al-Najar's mother,she said: “You as a Palestinian woman, you can enlighten and expose the crimes of the Zionist regime so that the world will know the nature of this regime, then the whole world will come to your aid and I hope that as soon as possible, the respectful nation of Palestine witness peace.”


Following to the meeting Saberin al-Najjar, mother of the martyr Razan al-Najjar, expressed her pleasure for meeting Imam Khomeini’s daughter and said: “I was invited to attend three conferences before traveling to Tehran, but to see Iran closely, I canceled my trips to other countries and I am very pleased to travel to Iran.”


Al-Najjar added: "Before traveling to Iran, all my information about Iran was as much as a word, because of the severe censorship and propaganda of the Zionist regime; from Iran we only had information that the country is always a subject to US sanctions. But now, in my short trip, I realized the magnificence capabilities of your country and I feel obligated to myself, despite all the difficulties and punishments that I may be faced with, I will do my best to inform my people about Iran and all the support for the Palestine issue and resistance In the Islamic world, I will do this by establishment of a cultural institution in Gaza, and I hope God Almighty will help me in this mission.”


During the meeting, Mehdi Shakibaii, the deputy of secretary- general of the Society for the Defense of Palestinian People and the chairman of the Qods News Agency, also spoke to Shahid Razan's mother. After he introduced the capabilities of the Society for the Defense of Palestinian Nation and Qods News Agency, he expressed that he is ready to do anything to help the Palestinian Struggle.


At the end of the meeting, Dr. Mostafavi gifted Sabrin al-Najjar with a memorial tablet for her efforts to rise up a great martyr such as Razan al-Najar. Sabrin al-Najjar also visited Qods News Agency newsroom.


Razan Al-Najar (September 11, 1996-June 2018) was a Palestinian nurse operating in Gaza. She lived in a village near the Occupied Palestinian Territory. On June 1, 2018, while struggling to help injured Palestinians in a rally of the Great March of Return despite wearing nursing clothes, she was targeted by Israeli occupation military gunshot in the chest and soon after that she was martyred.