Your Medals slaps the enemy’s face

According to Qods news agency (Qodsna), Dr. Mostafavi, chairman and secretary general of the Society for Defense of Palestinian People, met the ladies who won numerous inside the country.

Mostafawi said: “I am very happy that our young girls have grown so well that they are able to receive Honorable medals. It is a pride for both you and the world.”

She added: “it makes us proud because our enemies always do propaganda against women Hijab and claim that it brings limitations to women, your medals slap the faces of our enemies. I hope that these medals can differentiate between right and wrong. The more we support the oppressed; our humanity will become our personality and our understanding.”

During this visit, Dr. Mostafavi paid attention to the memory of Imam Khomeini and said: “Imam Khomeini used to do Jugging for 30 minutes daily. Even during his custody in the Shah’s regime jail, he didn’t quit this habbit,.”

According to the report, at the end of the session, the medalist ladies were honored with a memorial tablet and awards.