Mostafawi: Unity is key to success against the enemies

According to Qods News Agency (Qodsna) report a group of pro-Palestinian legal and cultural activists from Tunisia met with Dr Zahra Mostafavi, Secretary-General of the Society for the defense of Palestinian People, on Monday morning.


In the beginning of the session, the director of Secretary-General of the Society for the defense of Palestinian People, Dr. Zahra Mostafavi, said: “I am pleased to see you in Iran and I want to know about your activities,” she said.


Following to the session, the Tunisian delegation, who were all members of the “Resistance Identity Society” (in Tunisia), described some of their activities. “We all know that Iran's role in supporting the Palestinian resistance has been increasing over the course of several periods,” said Soheil Gharra, a member of the Tunisian Society at the beginning of his speech. The Islamic Republic of Iran has continued to pursue this process in a wider circle of support for resistance In Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Yemen are on their agenda.


"But the issue of Palestine was the tip of the arrows of all Islamic World issues, and Imam Khomeini (PBUH) regarding the Palestine issue said “Palestine will be liberated only by those who believe in it and the faithful. “


“As Resistance Identity Society members, we are seeking to gain public opinion attraction to support Palestine in North Africa," he said.


Then, other members of the Tunisian delegation introduced some of their activities in the past. According to members of the Tunisian Resistance Identity Society, this popular community has taken important steps such as resisting against normalizing relations, preventing the Israeli team from traveling to the Taekwondo tournament in the city of Tunisia, and preventing the continued broadcast of a television program "Shalom” with the aim of normalizing relations with the Zionist regime.


Following up to the meeting, Dr Mostafavi, referred to the recent visit to Tunisia, emphasized: “I congratulate on your successful steps; you have done brave and very important steps that pursue very important goals. Slowly we are following the activities of the International Non-Governmental Organizations supporting the rights of the Palestinian people, and we hope that in the future, you’re your cooperation; supporters of the Palestinian people will take more measures.”


“On a trip I recently had to Tunisia, I made a speech to the public," she added: “Here I want to say that we can succeed with the presence of the nations. Indeed, with unity and solidarity great goals can be achieved, and frightens the enemy. It should be noted that according to the research carried out, the keyword most often used in his speeches during his lifetime is the word unity. Therefore, this implies that unity is the leading factor of victory of all nations.”


Dr. Mostafavi emphasized in the end, pointing out the cultural and media activities in the struggle against the Zionist regime: if nations are not aware, then they do not move, here's the most important task and the priority which is informing and recognizing them about their common real enemy, after this stage, is where people are driven to move. Of course, you should fear the enemy and should continue to resist until the end.