Ceremony held to honor Sheikh Zakzaki and Zaria martyrs

A commemoration ceremony was held in memory of the Nigerian martyrs in Zaria who were massacred in an army crackdown that was also led to the detention of the Nigerian Shia leader, Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaki.


The ceremony was held in the presence of a large number of Nigerian Muslims as well as senior Iranian personalities including the Secretary General of the international union of pro-Palestinian NGOs, Zahra Mostafavi.


 In the meantime, a deputy of Zakzaki, Ismail Shoeib said the Nigerian army has held the injured leader in spite of the very Nigerian law, suggesting that the army may have been instructed by foreign states over the situation.


The ceremony was also treated with a number of video clips on how the massacre occurred.


Also, several Nigerian activists delivered lectures in English on the massacre and the latest developments.


Next, poems by the Iranian poets, Afshin Ala, Qasem Sarafan and Fatemeh Mousavi were read out about the lifestyle and struggle of Zakzaki as well as the Zaria martyrs.


Also, a translation of a poem by Senobari was read out during the ceremony.


Next, a Nigerian student, Abdosalam Shiho delivered a report about the Nigerian army's atrocities as well as measures taken to secure the release of Sheikh Zakzaki, saying the Nigerian regime has kept Zakzaki in captivity despite a court order for his release.


Also, a daughter of Zakzaki's deputy delivered an emphatic lecture before the Iranian singer, Ehsan Shakeri perform a song about the eighth Shia Imam, Hadhrat Imam Reza (A.S.)


The last one to take the podium was the Secretary General of the Assembly for the Proximity of the Islamic Denominations, Sayyed Abdullah Husseini who talked about the struggle of Zakzaki and called it exceptional.


The ceremony was culminated with the handing of an honorary citation to Zahra Mostafavi sent by a group of Nigerian girls who called Mostafavi the selected girl of the century.


Accepting the citation, Mostafavi thanked them and wished for the release of Zakzaki.


Participants of the ceremony also signed to a 100-meter petition addressed to the Nigerian government. The petition will be handed to the Nigerian embassy in Tehran in the next few days.