SDPN chief urges efforts to lessen Palestinian grievance


Head of the Iran-Palestine friendship group, Mohammad al-Buheisi met with SDPN Secretary General, Zahra Mostafavi in Tehran on Wednesday.


During the meeting, Buheisi briefed the SDPN chief on the activities of the group that is based in Syria, saying the group has made many gains.


Buheisi said the key mission of the group was to raise awareness among the Palestinian people abut the Iranian nation's supports to the Palestinian issue as well as its supports to the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, Syria and beyond.


The Palestinian personality said the right of return and the dossier of the occupied al-Quds among other key missions of the group.


For his part, the SDPN secretary general underlined the Palestinian right of return, adding however that one must not overlook the plight of the Palestinians inside the occupied Palestine.


Mostafavi said appropriate solutions must be developed to assist children and women both in Gaza and the West Bank.


The SDPN chief wished he could arrive in Palestine and help the Palestinian people on her own.