International Union of NGOs defending the Palestinian people’s statement on the Occasion of Nakba Day (Day of forging the Zionist regime)

Secretariat of the International Union of NGOs defending the Palestinian people, reminding this ominous day and given the overt and covert threats posed by the Zionists against Islam as well as Muslims and the Islamic holy signs, especially Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque, urges the Islamic Ummah to wipe out this cancerous tumor and mercenary of global arrogance holding to the eternal symbol of victory and the decree of God (و اعتصموا بحبل الله جميعا و لا تفرقوا).

Moreover, it calls the rulers and authorities in Islamic territories to avoid standing against the will of their nations as well as betraying the divine and Islamic cause since

(و لن يجعل الله للكافرين علي المومنين سبيلا).

Instead, they try their best to treat this pain relying on God along with the efforts of their people and in line with them as moving in the same path with the world arrogance and establishing communication with the Zionists have never been considered as a solution.